Enjoy these resources to learn more about Bitcoin!

What gives Bitcoin value?

Bitcoin makes it possible to send money across the internet, anywhere in the world, with no 3rd party intermediary, instantaneously, for almost free… think that might have some value?

What causes inflation?

Printing money! It’s like adding water to fine wine… making the wine less potent; so you need to drink more to get the same amount of drunk. Similarly, money printing waters down the dollar, so you need more of it to get the same amount of stuff.

The US Dollar has continuously lost value, without fail, for over 100 years. This will always be the case because the government will ALWAYS print more money, forever, no exceptions. Bitcoin, in contrast, is deflationary. It is hard capped at 21 million bitcoin.

Bitcoin is highly divisible. Each Bitcoin has 8 decimal places. The smallest unit is called a ‘satoshi’ or ‘sats’. For example: .00004543 BTC = 4,543 SATS

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Additional Resources:

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Inventing Bitcoin (free book)